I fished this Peugeot road bike out of a dumpster this winter and let it simmer at the shop for a little while. It was a terrible jumble of parts, but turned out to be in reasonable shape. After a little elbow grease and some parts swapped out, it is running comfortably as a city cruiser. I will continue to mess around with it, but the prevailing opinion seems to be that old Peugeots are notorious for having parts that are difficult to replace. I’m sure that whoever dug it out of the basement saw the same Google results that I did and so I will not be too surprised if the bottom bracket turns out to be finicky or whatever. The back wheel came off another junked bike and has a three-speed hub with a coaster brake that I modified by replacing the shifter with an acorn nut so it is stuck in one gear until I decide otherwise.


Last weekend, I spotted another mess sticking out of a pile in front of a derelict property. It is the wreckage of an old Schwinn road bike. I don’t know how much of it will be usable, but the frame and fork are light and it doesn’t seem like it is in any worse condition than the blue Peugeot was.

Next up: my girlfriend’s glorious red three-speed Schwinn Breeze and the Chubei 10-speed that my old roommate left behind!