Weddings by Brendan Love

A wedding ceremony should reflect the unique beliefs, goals and
experience that a couple shares. For many people, choosing the way
they get married is an important way of expressing themselves. I
believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on the way your wedding
represents you.

It is not uncommon these days for people to find themselves marrying
far from where they grew up, or to people from different backgrounds
or cultures. Sometimes people’s personalities just don’t exactly jive
with tradition. Second marriages are very different from first ones. I
will work within your budget to create the ceremony that suits the two
of you. I am calm and reliable, creative and experienced, and I have
lifelong interests in culture, religion, philosophy, and sociology.

My services start at $100 for a standard ceremony. I have a variety of
examples that can be adapted to suit your needs, or we can discuss the
possibilities that a custom written ceremony would offer. It can be as
simple or as complex as you want. Feel free to email me with the
details of your wedding to reserve a date. Please be as specific as
you like. I will respond with more information addressing your plans.
I maintain a flexible schedule, but my calendar fills up quickly, so
don’t delay!

I look forward to hearing from you. Congratulations on your decision
to get married.